Poem read out at Cameron's funeral from a lovely friend.

Created by Wendy 7 years ago
Through my eyes Although I shared my life with you, my world was far apart Emotions I can’t understand, can’t say what’s in my heart My brain, it worked quite differently, made life hard to understand But I know you did your best for me, were there to hold my hand My words were very literal, I would say just what I see I didn’t mean to cause offence, this condition’s part of me I found it hard to understand the world that you all know That’s why when things felt difficult I didn’t know where to go My guitar became my friend, a way to show the way I feel I’d lose myself in music, forget all that was real Zoe was my freedom, she accepted me for me With her, sat at the viewpoint was my favourite place to be I loved to watch the sunset, feel the breeze run through my hair That was how I found my peace, to sit without a care My family stood beside me, through the good times and the bad It wasn’t easy growing up, I was a troubled lad But I’m thankful for your patience, for your love and hard work too Please understand that this was not because of you To George and Jamie my brothers, please don’t mourn or think of the past Just remember me in the songs you play on your stereo’s full blast To my family and friends who are gathered here today Please don’t feel guilt or anger when you think of me and pray You may feel sad when you think of a future not to be My path was not easy, it was tough being me So when you look at the stars, shining in the sky That is me, finally free, so there’s no need to cry Sleep tight Cameron All my love Michelle